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"We have been involved in working with dozens of directors in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia and we would recommend Jack Milner as one of, if not the best, we have worked with."

"Jack’s big talent is comedy. He’s brilliant at finding what’s funny in a scene and bringing that to life, while at the same time making sure the actors keep it real. We feel the latter is the key to good comedy and Jack is on exactly the same wavelength as us."  Writers,  Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood

He has directed for the West End (Soho Theatre “Roti With Ham” and the Arts Theatre “The One Off”), film and radio.

In addition he is renown as one of Britain’s top comedy facilitators and has worked with Channel 4, BBC TV and ITV as well as the National Theatre. For more information about Jack's business workshops visit www.standupandeliver.co.uk.    

About Jack Milner

Jack is one of the most versatile and prolific creators on the London comedy scene. Jack has pursued simultaneous careers in theatre, television, film and radio. He has participated in over one hundred productions, both on stage and behind the scenes, with notable success in all fields.

As a comedy director, he frequently spotlights new works and new talent (discovered Olivier Award and Tony nominated writer, Peter Quilter, directing his first professional show, "Respecting Your Piers”) while staging memorable versions of well-known classics.

Highlights of Jack's directing career include: "Maggie's End" in the West End, "3 Stories" for the London International Festival of Theatre, "Snow White" at the wonderful Bristol Hippodrome and as Artistic Director of the Lichfield Mysteries (one of the world's largest cast theatre productions with over 700 actors).

Melanie Hill and Mark Wingett

Melanie Hill and Mark Wingett in Jack Milner’s production of the political comedy “Maggie’s End.” Shaw Theatre April 2009.