Killer Pasties

Producer Geoff Harris, has optioned Jack's sci fi comedy series, Voondort. Jack would like to reveal more  - but things are looking very positive towards a deal being done shortly. A huge star loves the show and this has opened a lot of doors in enabling this to happen. It all looks incredibly exciting but alas can't say any more. If you'd like to get involved contact

About Voondort by Jack Milner

“Voondort” is new comedy series that pays homage to the world of 50’s and 60’s British sci fi. This means dodgy special effects, cataclysmic storylines and a lot of frowning.  Think 60’s Dr Who meets Young Frankenstein meets Python. Finally, every episode will crow bar in an issue of the day.

Voondort, is a brilliant, handsome American of indeterminate age (but at least 50). He is a Special Investigator and Director of The Institute for Stopping Stuff That Might End the World.

He has a small talented team behind him. There is Dr Melanie Wangle – she is the medic and the team’s bio-chemist. She is angular, clever but extraordinarily anal. There is Dr Archie Malone – he is the space science expert - and is very young, enthusiastic (he is their conjecturalist – guesses what’s about to happen) and nerdy.  

In each episode the world as we know it is under threat; usually something from outer space, or some force of science that we don’t quite understand. The stories are self contained, no one ever refers to a previous episode,  and Voondort always comes to the rescue (although to make things interesting there may be a couple of episodes when he fails but is the last one alive).

Episode one

A giant pasty is washed up on a Cornish beach. The locals are delighted and haul it into their church where it is decided the pasty will be the centre piece of their harvest festival. That night, an old lady is attacked and eaten by the giant pasty. Voondort is called to the rescue. Why are the pasties attacking people, has local pasty maker Dr Frank Wuzzle got anything to do with it and what about Voondort's libidinous land lady?