Octopus Soup to be produced by Ashcroft theatre

giant octopus

Hurrah! In fact hurrah x 8! Octopus Soup, co-written with Mark Stevenson, will be produced at the Ashcroft Theatre in the Spring of 2015. The show will then tour (dates TBC).

About "Octopus Soup" by Jack Milner and Mark Stevenson

Seymour Norse, underwriter and ‘blue-sky insurance consultant’, is probably the safest man in England, the sort of man who wears a belt and braces (and another pair of braces). Then he is burgled, bound and beaten – all while taking a conference call. As the burglary progresses the criminal and the underwriter begin to see that an uneasy alliance of their professions might just work out rather well for all concerned…

Three days later and it’s all going swimmingly. That’s until his mobster friend invites Mr Big round on the same night that he has arranged to entertain the boss of the world’s largest insurance company… 

The show will be directed by Joe Harmston.

Producers Simon Thomsett and Kevin Dunn