Reviews in for La Momia! (The Mummy)

Audiences and critics of La Momia seem to love the show.

These are highlights from a few of the reviews:

REVIEWS FOR LA MOMIA (courtesy of Google translate!)
"The Mummy" denotes a great production and a great cast, very well directed by Alejandro Lavallen, who launches to the commercial direction and nothing more than with this work; An effective and hilarious mix between the absurd, the parody and the Gothic story, congratulations!
Red Theatrical, Gustavo Martin Scuderi
 The Mummy is a funny comedy, agile and dark at times. The audience that enters the Metropolitan Theater Citi will laugh through the gags of the actors and the ingenious script.
 Geo Teatral, Candelaria Monzón
The set is a film, with animated backgrounds, theater of shadows and a design of lights that invites to dream. Funny, with snares to Benny Hill and a certain amount of innocent mischief, we recommend to see it and forget for a while the true terrors of this world.
 About Bue
 So you know, if you want to let go of your worries and laugh with your family, you can let your imagination run wild and travel to Ancient Egypt to spend a very entertaining night with these characters, thanks to the magic of the theater, Give life to La Mumia, in the heart of Corrientes street.
 Theatrical Thinker.
The actors "sweat the shirt" very evenly in all roles; Literal in this summer porteño night: the weight of the wardrobe, prosthetics, wigs, cumulated to the physical demands required of all the energy during this performance to finally obtain the success of conquering to the public, that rewarded the gags with constant laughter and applause.
The Mummy, a classic to enjoy five thousand years more.
 From La PLatea, Laura Ferrarini